Kirov, Russia

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Kirov, Russia

Region: Kirov Oblast

Geographic Coordinates: 58.600000, 49.650000
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 30.0°C (-40°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold and snowy winters, mild summers with occasional rainfall.
Population: 501468
Language: Russian

Kirov is a historic city located in the eastern part of Russia, Nestled between the Vyatka and Kama Rivers. The city was founded in 1374 as Khlynov, But it was renamed Kirov after the Soviet leader Sergey Kirov in 1934. Today, It is a bustling industrial hub with a population of over 500, 000 people. One of the most notable landmarks in Kirov is its central square which features an impressive statue of Sergey Kirov himself. The square is surrounded by beautiful buildings with intricate facades and ornate details that harken back to the city’s rich history.

The oldest building on the square is the Assumption Cathedral which dates back to 1551 and features stunning frescoes and icons from the 16th century. Another must-see attraction in Kirov is its local museum complex which includes several museums dedicated to different aspects of Russian culture and history. One such museum is the Museum of Local Lore which houses over 200 thousand exhibits related to archaeology, Ethnography, Natural history and more. For those interested in performing arts or classical music specifically there are plenty of options available as well.

The Kirov State Philharmonic Hall hosts regular concerts featuring both local talent as well as world-renowned musicians from all over Russia and beyond. Visitors can also take advantage of outdoor activities like hiking or skiing at nearby parks such as Pervomayskiy Park or Yuzhno-Uralskiy National Park. These parks offer breathtaking views of nature along with opportunities for camping or fishing trips. foodies will delight in trying out some traditional Russian cuisine while visiting Kirov. Local specialties include pelmeni (dumplings filled with meat), Borscht (a beet soup), Blini (thin pancakes) served with caviar or sour cream among others.

Overall, Kirov is a city rich in history, Culture and natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in exploring its museums and landmarks or simply enjoying the great outdoors there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this charming Russian city.

Important Landmarks

  1. Spasskaya Tower
  2. Kirov Regional Museum of Local Lore
  3. Kirov Drama Theatre
  4. Uspensky Cathedral
  5. Dymkovo Toy Museum
  6. Vyatka Art Museum
  7. Kirov Central Park of Culture and Leisure
  8. Monument to Yuri Gagarin
  9. State Puppet Theatre of the Republic of Komi-Kirov Branch
  10. Memorial Complex to the Victims of Political Repression

Primary Industries

  1. Machine building and metalworking
  2. Chemical industry
  3. Timber and woodworking industry
  4. Food processing industry
  5. Textile industry
  6. Construction materials production
  7. Energy production (including hydropower)
  8. Transportation and logistics
  9. Retail and service sector
  10. Information technology

Kirov is also known for its cultural heritage, including museums, theaters, and art galleries which contribute to the city’s tourism industry as well as its economy overall.

Noteable History

  1. The city’s founding: Kirov was established in 1374 as Khlynov, and it served as a crucial trading center for many years.
  2. Ivan the Terrible’s reign: In the 16th century, Kirov was part of Ivan the Terrible’s kingdom and played an essential role in his campaigns against neighboring tribes.
  3. The Russian Revolution: During the Russian Revolution in 1917, Kirov became a hub for Bolshevik activity.
  4. Sergei Mironovich Kirov: After his assassination on December 1st, 1934 by Leonid Nikolaev who claimed he had been ordered to do so by members of Trotsky’s opposition group, the city was renamed after him in 1934.
  5. World War II: German forces occupied Kirov from October 1941 to December 1943 during World War II.
  6. Yuri Gagarin: Before becoming an astronaut and being known as the first human to journey into space on April 12th ,1961,Yuri Gagarin trained at a military aviation school near Kirov.
  7. Mikhail Tal : Mikhail Tal (1936-1992), one of history’s greatest chess players grew up in Riga but moved to Moscow where he studied at Botwinnik’s chess school before being transferred to train under Alexey Sokolsky who had relocated with his family from Leningrad (now St Petersburg) after WW2 due to its destruction during siege by Nazi Germany forces during which time Tal lived there briefly too before moving back to Moscow where he later became world champion defeating Botwinnik himself twice!
  8. Fall of communism : Following Perestroika and Glasnost reforms initiated by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Kirov saw the end of communism and the establishment of a democratic government.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Kirov Regional Museum of Local Lore
  2. Spassky Cathedral
  3. Kirov Drama Theater named after A.S. Pushkin
  4. Museum of the History of Kirov Plant
  5. Monument to Peter and Fevronia, the patron saints of marriage and family
  6. Memorial House-Museum of Ivan Bunin
  7. Art Center Kukart
  8. The house-museum of Vasily Vasilievich Vereshchagin
  9. The monument to Alexander Pushkin in the city center
  10. The house-museum of Sergey Mikhalkov

Sports Teams

  1. FC Vyatka – a football club founded in 1945 and currently playing in the Russian Professional Football League.
  2. HC Vodnik – an ice hockey team founded in 1956 and competing in the Russian Ice Hockey Championship.
  3. VK Lokomotiv Kirov – a volleyball club established in 1947 and participating in the highest level of the Russian Volleyball Super League.
  4. BC MGTU-VDNH Kirov – a basketball team formed by students of the Moscow State Technical University and VDNH Agricultural Exhibition Center, representing Kirov Oblast at national competitions.
  5. SKA-Kirov – a bandy club with multiple titles won at regional championships and national cups since its creation back in 1960s.

These teams have their own unique histories that can be explored further through research or by reaching out to local sports enthusiasts or organizations for more information about their achievements, challenges, and contributions to sports culture within Kirov region.

Cultural Events

  1. Kirov City Day is a celebration of the founding of Kirov, featuring various cultural activities and performances.
  2. Maslenitsa is a week-long celebration leading up to Lent, filled with traditional Russian food, music, and games.
  3. The White Nights Festival is a summer festival that celebrates the long days of sunlight with outdoor concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions.
  4. The Kirov Ballet Festival is an annual event that showcases the talents of local ballet companies and visiting international dancers.
  5. Victory Day commemorates the end of World War II with parades, fireworks displays, and ceremonies honoring veterans.
  6. The International Film Festival Vyatka is an annual film festival that showcases independent films from around the world.
  7. Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are festive times in Russia filled with colorful decorations, traditional foods like Olivier salad or pelmeni dumplings, music concerts, etc.
  8. The Folklore Festival “Kolokolchik”- A unique event dedicated to preserving folk traditions through various performances including songs, dance, music, etc.


  • Kirovsky Samovar – a traditional Russian restaurant serving dishes like borscht, pelmeni, and shashlik.
  • Ural Dumplings – a cozy café serving various types of dumplings with different fillings.
  • Pivnaya Apteka – a beer bar offering a wide selection of craft beers and snacks to accompany them.
  • Café Kalinka-Malinka – a café serving traditional Russian desserts like honey cake and blini with different fillings.
  • Shashlychnaya No 1 – an outdoor restaurant specializing in shashlik (grilled meat skewers) with different marinades and sauces.
  • Sushiya – a Japanese restaurant offering sushi rolls, ramen noodles, and other Japanese dishes.
  • Teplovoz Cafe-Bar – A trendy cafe-bar that serves coffee drinks, cocktails, sandwiches & light bites in an industrial-chic space.
  • Varenichnaya No 1 – A cozy Ukrainian eatery that offers authentic Ukrainian food such as varenyky (dumplings), borscht soup & more.
  • Bistro Shtolle – This is the place to go for savory pies filled with meat or vegetables as well as sweet pies filled with fruit or cream cheese filling.
  • Cafe Yakitoriya – Yakitoriya is known for its grilled chicken skewers which are served alongside rice bowls & salads.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Park of Culture and Rest named after V. Mayakovsky
    2. Central Park of Culture and Rest
    3. Park of Victory
    4. Gorky Park
    5. Botanical Garden named after N.V.Tsitsin
    6. Kirov Zoo
    7. Ice Palace Krylya Sovetov
    8. Swimming pool Dolphin
    9. Ski resort Pavlovskaya Mountain
    10. Skate park Adrenaline


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