Kislovodsk, Russia

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Kislovodsk, Russia

Region: Stavropol Krai

Geographic Coordinates: 43.916700, 42.716700
Temperature Range: -40.0°C to 40.0°C (-40°F to 104°F)
Climate: Cold winters, mild summers, and frequent precipitation throughout the year in Kislovodsk, Russia.
Population: 128779
Language: Russian

Kislovodsk is a scenic city situated in the Stavropol Krai area of Russia, Nestled at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. The name Kislovodsk comes from sour waters due to the abundance of mineral springs that flow throughout the region. These springs are believed to have therapeutic properties and attract thousands of visitors each year. The city has a long history dating back to the 19th century when it was established as a resort town for Russian aristocrats.

The grandeur and opulence of that era can still be seen in many of Kislovodsk’s historic buildings and parks, Such as Narzan Gallery, Which was built in 1912 and now houses an art museum. One of Kislovodsk’s most popular attractions is its stunning park system, Which includes several well-manicured gardens with fountains, Sculptures, And walking paths. The most notable park is Kurortny Park, Covering over 130 hectares and featuring a large lake where visitors can rent paddle boats or simply relax on one of its many benches.

Another must-see attraction in Kislovodsk is Mount Elbrus – Europe’s highest peak – visible from various points around the city. For those who are feeling adventurous, There are guided tours available that take visitors up into the mountains for hiking or skiing. In addition to its natural beauty and recreational activities, Kislovodsk also offers various cultural experiences. The city hosts several festivals throughout the year celebrating music, Dance, Literature, And traditional crafts such as pottery making.

no visit to Kislovodsk would be complete without trying its famous mineral water – Narzan – believed by many Russians to have medicinal properties aiding digestion and overall health. Visitors can find Narzan water fountains throughout the city where they can try this unique beverage themselves. Overall, Kislovodsk is a charming picturesque city offering natural beauty, Cultural experiences, And therapeutic relaxation. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just want to unwind in a tranquil setting, Kislovodsk has something to offer everyone.

Important Landmarks

  1. Kislovodsk Park
  2. Narzan Gallery
  3. Kislovodskaya Mineral Water Spring
  4. Tsvetnik Park
  5. Dacha Kirova Museum
  6. Kurortny Boulevard
  7. Yaroshenko Memorial House Museum
  8. Stavropol State Regional Theater of Drama and Musical Comedy
  9. The Temple of the Holy Trinity in Kislovodsk
  10. The House-Museum of Pyotr Chaadayev

Primary Industries

  1. Kislovodsk, Russia is primarily known for its tourism industry due to its mineral springs and natural beauty.
  2. The city has a number of sanatoriums, health resorts, and hotels that attract visitors from all over the world.
  3. Other industries in Kislovodsk include agriculture with a focus on fruit production such as apples and grapes, as well as manufacturing of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  4. Additionally, there are small businesses such as cafes and souvenir shops that cater to tourists.

Noteable History

  1. The city was founded in 1803 as a military outpost during the Russian Empire.
  2. During World War II, Kislovodsk served as a hospital city for wounded soldiers.
  3. Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the famous Russian composer, visited Kislovodsk several times and composed some of his works there.
  4. Mikhail Lermontov, one of Russia’s greatest poets and writers, spent time in Kislovodsk and wrote about it in his work A Hero of Our Time.
  5. The famous Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky also visited Kislovodsk and painted several landscapes there.
  6. In 1920-1921, during the Russian Civil War, Kislovodsk was briefly occupied by the White Army under General Anton Denikin.
  7. In 1935-1936, a sanatorium for high-ranking Soviet officials was built in Kislovodsk called Dacha Stalin.
  8. During Soviet times, many prominent politicians and artists visited Kislovodsk for rest and relaxation at its numerous spas and resorts.
  9. In recent years, the city has become known for its annual International Jazz Festival which attracts musicians from all over Russia and other countries.
  10. In 2020-2021 during Covid pandemic many celebrities chose to stay at spa resorts in Kislavosk instead of going abroad.

Museums and Things To See

  1. The Kislovodsk Museum of Local Lore showcases the history and culture of Kislovodsk and its surrounding areas.
  2. Narzan Gallery is a contemporary art gallery featuring works by local and international artists.
  3. The Park of Culture and Rest named after N.N. Povolzhsky is a beautiful park with walking paths, fountains, flower gardens, and recreational activities for all ages.
  4. The Pyatigorsk-Kislovodsk State Nature Reserve is a protected area with unique flora and fauna, hiking trails, and stunning scenic views.
  5. Tsvetnik Park is a picturesque park with colorful flower beds, sculptures, fountains, and walking paths.
  6. The Monument to Pyotr Stolypin is a statue dedicated to the former Prime Minister of Russia who played an important role in the country’s development during the early 20th century.
  7. The House-Museum of Lermontov is an 19th-century mansion where Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov once lived; now serves as a museum showcasing his life and work.
  8. The Spa Resort Complex AquaLoo is an indoor waterpark complex that offers various water activities for all ages including slides, pools etc.
  9. The Church of St Nicholas is located in the town center featuring stunning architecture inside out making it one of the most beautiful churches around Kislovodsk.
  10. The Mineral Water Gallery displays different kinds of mineral waters from around Russia which are believed to have healing properties on human body making it an interesting place to visit for those interested in health-related tourism in Russia.

Sports Teams

Kislovodsk Sports Teams

Kislovodsk, a small city located in the Stavropol Krai region of Russia, has a rich history of sports and physical activity. Several local teams and clubs compete at both local and national levels in various sports.


Football (soccer) is one of the most popular sports in Kislovodsk with several local teams competing across Russia. Some of these teams include:

  1. FC Alania Vladikavkaz (previously known as FC Spartak-Alania)
  2. FC Dynamo Kislovodsk
  3. FC Mashuk-KMV Pyatigorsk


BC Dynamo Stavropol is the local basketball team in Kislovodsk.


VC Dinamo-Yantar is one of the most successful volleyball clubs in Kislovodsk.


HC SKIF-Kislovodsk is a notable handball team in Kislovodsk.

Ice Hockey

HC Kuban Krasnodar has a large following for ice hockey in Kislovodsk.

In conclusion, while Kislovodsk may not have any world-renowned sports teams or athletes, it has maintained its strong tradition of physical activity and competition to this day.

Cultural Events

  1. Kislovodsk City Day is celebrated annually on the first weekend of September, featuring parades, concerts, and various cultural events.
  2. The Caucasian Mineral Waters International Film Festival is held every October and showcases the best of Russian and international cinema.
  3. The Kislovodsk Jazz Festival takes place in July every year, with performances by local and international musicians.
  4. Maslenitsa (Pancake Week) is a traditional Russian holiday celebrated in February or March with music, dancing, and lots of pancakes.
  5. Victory Day commemorates the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II on May 9th with military parades, concerts, and fireworks.
  6. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on January 7th with church services and traditional festivities like caroling and feasting.
  7. The White Nights Festival runs from June to August during summer months featuring outdoor concerts, theater performances, art exhibitions among other cultural events.
  8. The International Art Exhibition Kislovodsk Spring showcases works by local artists as well as those from around Russia and abroad annually in April or May.
  9. Folklore Festival Caucasian Patterns brings together folk dance groups from various regions of Russia to perform traditional dances for visitors to enjoy each year.
  10. The Young Talents Music Festival takes place during summer months annually where young musicians showcase their skills through various musical genres such as classical music or pop music etc.


  1. Shashlik (grilled meat skewers)
  2. Pelmeni (dumplings with meat or potato filling)
  3. Borscht (beetroot soup)
  4. Blini (thin pancakes)

Some popular restaurants in Kislovodsk, Russia are:

  1. Cafe Pushkin – a cozy cafe serving traditional Russian dishes and desserts.
  2. Pivnaya Apteka – a beer hall with a wide selection of local and international beers and pub fare.
  3. Chaykhana Samovar – a tea house serving Russian and Caucasian cuisine with live music performances.
  4. Restaurant Kavkaz – offering authentic Caucasian dishes such as kebabs, shashlik, and khachapuri.
  5. Restaurant Belvedere – known for its panoramic views of Kislovodsk and European cuisine with Russian influences.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Kislovodsk National Park
  2. Tsvetnik Park
  3. Komsomolsky Garden
  4. Yaroshenko Park
  5. Sadovaya Street Promenade
  6. Kurortny Boulevard
  7. Narzan Gallery
  8. Aqua Land Waterpark
  9. Horseback riding in the surrounding mountains and forests
  10. Hiking and trekking in the Caucasus Mountains


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