Linares, Mexico

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Linares, Mexico

Region: Nuevo León

Geographic Coordinates: 24.859700, -99.564700
Temperature Range: -5.0°C to 40.0°C (23°F to 104°F)
Climate: Data not available.
Population: 57731
Language: Spanish

Linares is a vibrant and culturally rich city located in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Nestled amidst the picturesque Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range, Linares offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical charm. With a population of approximately 70, 000 people, This small but lively city has much to offer visitors. One of the highlights of Linares is its well-preserved colonial architecture. The historic downtown area boasts beautiful buildings with colorful facades that date back to the 18th century.

Strolling through its narrow cobblestone streets, You can admire stunning examples of Spanish colonial style such as the neo-Gothic San Felipe de Jesus Church or the elegant Municipal Palace. For nature enthusiasts, Linares is an ideal destination. Just outside the city lies El Pinal National Park, Offering breathtaking landscapes and opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and camping. The park is home to diverse flora and fauna species and features impressive rock formations that are perfect for adventurous climbers. Food lovers will find themselves in culinary heaven in Linares.

The region is famous for its delicious cuisine, Particularly its traditional meat dishes such as cabrito (roasted goat) or machacado con huevo (dried beef with scrambled eggs). Visitors can indulge in these mouthwatering delicacies at local restaurants or street food stalls while enjoying live music performances that often accompany meals. Another must-visit attraction in Linares is Museo del Carmen—a museum dedicated to religious art housed within a former convent built during the 17th century. This museum showcases an extensive collection of sculptures, Paintings, Silverware, And other religious artifacts from different periods throughout Mexican history.

In addition to its cultural offerings, Linares hosts several festivals throughout the year that showcase local traditions and folklore. One such event is Semana Santa (Holy Week), During which elaborate processions take place on Good Friday featuring beautifully crafted floats and religious statues. The city also celebrates its founding anniversary each September with lively parades, Traditional dances, And vibrant music performances. Linares is a city that truly embodies the warmth and hospitality of its people. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring artisan markets where they can find beautifully handcrafted textiles, Pottery, And leather goods.

The friendly locals are always happy to share stories about their heritage or recommend hidden gems within the city. Linares offers an enchanting experience for travelers seeking an authentic Mexican destination. From its well-preserved colonial architecture to its stunning natural landscapes and mouthwatering cuisine, This small but captivating city has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, Nature exploration or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional Mexican town, Linares is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor lucky enough to explore its charms.

Important Landmarks

  1. El Palacio Municipal: This is the municipal palace or town hall of Linares, known for its beautiful architecture and historical significance.
  2. Parroquia de San Felipe de Jesús: The main church in Linares, known for its stunning neoclassical architecture and religious significance.
  3. La Presa Rodrigo Gómez: Also known as La Boca, it is a popular dam and reservoir located near Linares, offering opportunities for boating, fishing, and picnicking.
  4. Museo Hacienda San Pedro: A historic hacienda turned museum that showcases the region’s agricultural history and cultural heritage.
  5. Cueva del Nacimiento: A natural cave system located just outside of Linares with impressive rock formations and underground rivers.
  6. Plaza Principal de Linares: The main square of the city where locals gather to relax, socialize, and enjoy various events throughout the year.
  7. Parque Acuático El Caimanero: A water park with pools, slides, and recreational areas that offers fun activities for families during hot summer days.
  8. Balneario El Salto del Agua Escondida: A natural swimming area with cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation—an ideal spot to cool off in nature’s beauty.
  9. Paseo Río Tamesí: A riverside promenade along the Tamesí River where visitors can walk or bike while enjoying scenic views of nature.
  10. La Casa de la Cultura Rubén Vizcaíno Valencia: An art center that hosts exhibitions, workshops, concerts theater performances showcasing local talent in various artistic disciplines.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Linares has a strong agricultural sector, with farming being a significant economic activity. The region produces crops such as corn, sorghum, beans, and various fruits.
  2. Livestock: Cattle ranching is another important industry in Linares. The region is known for its beef production and livestock breeding.
  3. Manufacturing: Linares has a growing manufacturing sector that includes industries like textile production, garment manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, and metalworking.
  4. Construction: The construction industry plays a vital role in the local economy of Linares due to ongoing infrastructure development projects and residential construction activities.
  5. Retail and Services: As a commercial hub for the surrounding rural areas, Linares has numerous retail stores offering goods ranging from groceries to household appliances. Additionally, services such as banking, healthcare facilities, education institutions (schools and universities), restaurants, and hotels can be found throughout the city.
  6. Mining: While not as prominent as other industries mentioned above; mining activities related to extracting minerals like limestone can be found in certain parts of the municipality.

It’s worth noting that this list provides an overview of major industries but may not encompass all businesses operating within Linares since there might be smaller enterprises or niche markets present in the area as well.

Noteable History

  1. Founding: Linares was founded on February 20, 1712 by Captain Nicolás de Azcárraga y Velasco.
  2. Mexican War of Independence: During the early 19th century, Linares played a role in the Mexican War of Independence against Spanish rule. Notable figures like José María Morelos and Mariano Matamoros passed through or stayed in Linares during this period.
  3. General Pedro José Méndez: Born in Linares in 1775, General Méndez fought valiantly during the Mexican War of Independence and later served as governor of Nuevo León.
  4. Battle of Ramos Arizpe: In 1839, during the Pastry War between Mexico and France, a battle took place near Linares at Ramos Arizpe. The Mexican forces led by General Mariano Arista successfully repelled French invaders.
  5. Francisco J Múgica: A prominent politician and revolutionary figure from Michoacán state, Francisco J Múgica lived in exile for some time in Linares following political persecution during the Porfiriato (the regime led by President Porfirio Díaz).
  6. Revolution-era Activities: During the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920), several revolutionary leaders operated or had connections to Linares due to its strategic location near important transportation routes.
  7. Dr Atl (Gerardo Murillo): Dr Atl was a well-known painter and volcanologist who spent time studying volcanic activity around Monterrey while residing intermittently in nearby towns such as Linares.
  8. Industrialization: In recent decades, Linares has experienced significant industrial growth due to its proximity to Monterrey’s industrial corridor known as the Macroplaza Industrial.

These events and personalities have contributed to Linares’ historical significance and cultural heritage.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum): This museum showcases the history and culture of Linares through various exhibits and artifacts.
  2. Templo del Señor de la Ascensión (Temple of the Lord of the Ascension): A beautiful church known for its stunning architecture and religious significance.
  3. Palacio Municipal (Municipal Palace): The town hall building that features a charming colonial-style architecture.
  4. Parque Hidalgo (Hidalgo Park): A central park where locals gather to relax, play, and enjoy outdoor activities.
  5. Museo del Arte Sacro (Museum of Sacred Art): This museum houses a collection of religious artworks including paintings, sculptures, and other religious artifacts.
  6. Monumento al General Ignacio Zaragoza: A monument dedicated to General Ignacio Zaragoza, a prominent figure in Mexican history who played a crucial role in the Battle of Puebla against French forces.
  7. Teatro Juárez: An iconic theater that hosts various cultural events such as plays, concerts, and dance performances.
  8. Casa de Cultura Benito Juárez (Cultural Center Benito Juarez): A cultural center that offers art exhibitions, workshops, music shows, and theatrical performances throughout the year.
  9. Plaza Principal: The main square in Linares where you can find local vendors selling food and crafts while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.
  10. Parroquia San Felipe Apóstol: Another beautiful church known for its intricate architecture and historical significance.

Sports Teams

  1. Club Deportivo Real Magariños: Founded in 1953, Real Magariños is one of the oldest and most successful soccer clubs in Linares. They have competed in regional leagues, including the Tercera División de México.
  2. Atlético Linares: Established more recently, Atlético Linares is a professional soccer team that currently competes in the Liga Premier de México – Serie A (third tier of Mexican football). They were founded in 2019 and have quickly gained popularity among local fans.
  3. Tigres de la UANL (Linares branch): Tigres UANL, one of Mexico’s most successful soccer teams based in Monterrey, has a satellite branch located in Linares called Tigres de la UANL – Campus Linares. This campus serves as a training ground for young players aspiring to join the main team.

It’s important to note that while these are some prominent sports teams from Linares, there may be other smaller clubs or community-based teams that also contribute to the local sports scene but might not have extensive historical records available online.

Cultural Events

  1. Feria de la Uva y el Vino: This annual festival takes place in August and celebrates the region’s grape and wine production. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, traditional food, live music, dance performances, and cultural exhibitions.
  2. Semana Santa: Linares holds various religious processions and ceremonies during Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter). These events attract both locals and tourists who come to witness the religious devotion displayed through traditional rituals.
  3. Fiesta de San Felipe de Jesús: Celebrated on February 5th every year, this festival honors the patron saint of Linares with a series of religious activities such as processions, masses, fireworks displays, music concerts, parades, bullfights, fair rides, and food stalls.
  4. Festival Internacional del Mariachi: Although not exclusive to Linares but celebrated across many Mexican cities including nearby Monterrey (about an hour away), this festival showcases mariachi bands from all over Mexico and even international performers. It typically takes place in August or September.
  5. Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): This traditional Mexican holiday is celebrated throughout Mexico on November 1st-2nd each year. In Linares, locals honor their departed loved ones by creating elaborate altars adorned with marigolds (the flower of the dead), offering their favorite foods and beverages as well as participating in parades featuring colorful costumes.

These are just a few examples of cultural events that take place in Linares; however local celebrations may vary from year to year so it’s always best to check for updated information before planning a visit.


  1. Cabrito: Linares is famous for its roasted cabrito (young goat). Many local restaurants specialize in preparing this tender and flavorful dish, such as El Rey del Cabrito.
  2. Machacado con Huevo: A traditional breakfast dish made with dried beef (machaca) scrambled with eggs. You can try it at La Plaza de Linares.
  3. Chicharrones: Crispy fried pork rinds are a beloved snack in Linares. You can find them sold at street food stalls or specialty shops like Chicharrones El Gordo.
  4. Gorditas de Harina: Thick handmade tortillas filled with various savory ingredients like beans, cheese, meat, or guisados (stews). Gorditas Dona Tota is a popular chain that serves these delicious treats.
  5. Menudo: A hearty soup made with beef tripe and red chili broth, often enjoyed as a hangover cure or on weekends. Try it at Menuderia El Papi.
  6. Tamales: Steamed corn dough filled with various fillings like chicken, pork, cheese, or rajas (strips of roasted poblano peppers). Tamalería La Unica is well-known for their tasty tamales.
  7. Birria: A flavorful stew typically made from goat meat or beef that has been marinated in spices and slow-cooked until tender. Birrieria El Maguey serves excellent birria in Linares.
  8. Pan de Pulque: This traditional sweet bread is made using pulque instead of yeast to leaven the dough, giving it a unique taste and texture.

These are just some examples of the delicious local cuisine you can find in Linares, Mexico. Exploring the city’s markets, street food stalls, and local restaurants will provide you with even more culinary delights to discover.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Parque Hidalgo: This is a central park in Linares with beautiful gardens, fountains, and walking paths.
  2. Parque Juarez: Another popular park in Linares with green spaces, playgrounds for children, and benches for relaxation.
  3. Parque Ecoturístico La Huasteca: Located just outside of Linares, this ecotourism park offers activities like hiking, camping, rappelling, and zip-lining.
  4. Balneario El Salto: A natural swimming area with waterfalls located near Linares where visitors can enjoy swimming and picnicking.
  5. Parque Acuático El Dorado: A water park featuring pools, slides, and other water attractions for families to enjoy.
  6. Plaza de Toros Alberto Balderas: The local bullring where you can witness traditional bullfighting events during the season.
  7. Cerro del Topo Chico: A nearby mountain that offers opportunities for hiking and enjoying panoramic views of the city.
  8. Cancha de Futbol Rapido Oxxo (Oxxo Soccer Field): A popular spot to play or watch soccer matches in Linares.
  9. Laguna de Labradores (Labradores Lake): A small lake located on the outskirts of town where visitors can fish or go boating (with their own equipment).
  10. Paseo Turístico Río Ramos (Ramos River Tourist Walk): An enjoyable walk along the riverbank that offers scenic views of nature within the city limits.


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