Nellore, India

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Nellore, India

Region: Andhra Pradesh

Geographic Coordinates: 14.450000, 79.990000
Temperature Range: 20.0°C to 40.0°C (68°F to 104°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 547621
Language: Telugu

Nellore is a city located in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It sits on the banks of the Penna River and is known for its rich cultural heritage, Historical significance, And scenic beauty. The city has a population of over 600, 000 people and is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. The history of Nellore dates back to ancient times when it was ruled by various dynasties such as Pallavas, Cholas, Vijayanagara Empire, And Britishers.

The city boasts several historical monuments that reflect its rich past including Barashahid dargah (tomb), Ranganatha temple (dedicated to Lord Vishnu), Jonnawada Rock-cut temples (dating back to 3rd century BC), Etc. In addition to its historical significance, Nellore is also renowned for its agriculture industry. The region produces rice, Sugarcane, Mangoes as well as other fruits. Moreover, The city has several industries such as textiles and leather goods manufacturing units which contribute significantly to the economy. One of Nellore’s major attractions is Pulicat Lake which happens to be one of India’s largest saltwater lagoons.

It attracts migratory birds from all over Asia during winters making it a popular spot for bird watchers. Other popular tourist destinations include Udayagiri Fort (built by Vijayanagara Empire) Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary (home to pelicans and other birds) among others. Nellore’s cuisine reflects the region’s diverse culture with influences from Telugu cuisine as well as South Indian cuisine. Some popular dishes include Gongura Pachadi made with sorrel leaves Chepala Pulusu fish curry made with tamarind sauce along with many vegetarian options like Gutti Vankaya Kura stuffed eggplant curry.

Overall Nellore offers a unique blend of history culture and nature making it a must-visit destination for tourists. The city’s rich past, Scenic beauty, And delicious food make it an ideal place to explore for anyone interested in Indian heritage and culture.

Important Landmarks

  1. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is a renowned landmark in Nellore devoted to Lord Vishnu.
  2. Jonnawada Kamakshi Temple is a popular site of worship for Goddess Kamakshi and draws many devotees.
  3. Udayagiri Fort, constructed by the Vijayanagara Empire, provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area.
  4. Pulicat Lake is an attractive tourist destination that houses numerous species of birds.
  5. Penchalakona Temple stands atop a hill and offers stunning views of the countryside.
  6. Mypadu Beach boasts golden sand, clear waters, and picturesque sunsets that attract visitors from all over.
  7. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is home to more than 150 bird species such as pelicans, flamingos, and herons.
  8. Sri Talpagiri Ranganathaswamy Temple is another famous temple in Nellore that draws thousands of devotees every year.
  9. Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple features intricate carvings and sculptures dedicated to Lord Krishna’s beauty and gracefulness.
  10. Nellapattu Wildlife Sanctuary serves as a protected habitat for various wildlife species like blackbuck, spotted deer etc., making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts who want to experience wildlife closely without disturbing them unnecessarily.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Nellore is known for its rich agricultural produce, including paddy, sugarcane, tobacco, and cotton.
  2. Fisheries: The city has a thriving fishing industry due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal.
  3. Textiles: Nellore is home to several textile mills that manufacture cotton and silk fabrics.
  4. Chemicals: The city has a significant chemical industry that produces fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.
  5. Granite exports: Nellore is one of the largest exporters of granite in India.
  6. Education: The city has several educational institutions including engineering colleges and medical colleges.
  7. Tourism: Nellore has many historical sites, temples, beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries that attract tourists from all over the world.
  8. Retail trade: The city has a vibrant retail sector with many shopping malls and markets catering to local consumers’ needs.

Noteable History

  1. The Battle of Nellore in 1780 was a significant event in the British East India Company’s struggle for control over India. They emerged victorious against the French.
  2. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, situated in Nellore, is a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus who worship Lord Vishnu.
  3. Tikkana Somayaji is a renowned Telugu poet and scholar from the 13th century AD who made important contributions to Telugu literature and translated Mahabharata into Telugu.
  4. Molla was a female poet from the 15th century AD who enriched Telugu literature with her poetry.
  5. Krishnapatnam Port, located near Nellore, has become one of India’s major ports handling large volumes of cargo annually due to its deep-water location.
  6. Venkatagiri Fort, constructed during the 18th century AD by Venkatagiri Rajas, is an essential historical landmark in Nellore district.
  7. Potti Sreeramulu was an Indian freedom fighter who played a crucial role in achieving statehood for Andhra Pradesh while fighting for linguistic rights.
  8. Kandukuri Veeresalingam Pantulu worked towards social reform during late 19th century AD by abolishing child marriage, promoting education among women and improving living conditions among lower castes in Andhra Pradesh.
  9. Narayana Guru Swamy Temple dedicated to Narayana Guru Swamy is an architectural marvel that attracts devotees from South India due to its religious significance as well as beauty.
  10. Venkaiah Swamy Temple situated in Nellore is one of South India’s most important pilgrimage sites where Hindus worship Lord Venkateswara at this ancient temple site.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Jonnawada Temple
  2. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
  3. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
  4. Nellore Beach
  5. Penchalakona Temple
  6. Pulicat Lake and Bird Sanctuary
  7. Venkatagiri Fort
  8. Sri Talpagiri Ranganathaswamy Temple
  9. Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary
  10. Sri Mulasthaneswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam

Sports Teams

  1. Nellore Bulls: This is a cricket team representing the district of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh Cricket Association (APCA) tournaments.
  2. Nellore District Football Association: This organization promotes football in the district of Nellore and conducts local tournaments.
  3. Sri Venkateswara University Sports Teams: Sri Venkateswara University has several sports teams representing various disciplines like cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.
  4. Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust Sports Teams: Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust has a campus in Nellore and has several sports teams representing various disciplines like cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton etc.

It appears that these teams primarily participate in local competitions rather than national or international ones. Unfortunately there isn’t much information available about their histories or achievements at this time.

Cultural Events

  1. Ugadi Festival: This is a traditional Telugu New Year festival celebrated in Nellore with great enthusiasm and joy.
  2. Brahmotsavam Festival: This is a grand annual festival held at the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Nellore which attracts thousands of devotees from all over India.
  3. Kondapalli Toys Exhibition: This exhibition showcases the traditional Kondapalli toys made by artisans from Andhra Pradesh, which are famous for their intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  4. Pongal Festival: This harvest festival is celebrated with great fervor in Nellore where people offer prayers to the Sun God and prepare traditional dishes like pongal (sweet rice pudding).
  5. Dasara Festival: Also known as Dussehra, this festival marks the victory of good over evil and is celebrated by lighting lamps and burning effigies of demon king Ravana.
  6. Makar Sankranti Festival: This kite-flying festival is celebrated across India to mark the end of winter solstice and beginning of longer days.
  7. Lepakshi Dance & Music Festival: Held annually in Lepakshi town near Nellore, this cultural event showcases classical dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi & Kathakali along with Indian classical music performances by renowned artists.
  8. Nagara Panchami Festival: Celebrated on the fifth day after Amavasya (new moon) during Shravan month, this festival involves worshiping snakes as they are believed to be protectors against evil forces according to Hindu mythology.


  • Gongura Chicken: A spicy chicken dish made with gongura leaves (sorrel) and served with rice. It is a popular dish in Nellore.
  • Chepala Pulusu: A tangy fish curry made with tamarind, onions, and spices. It is a staple food in Nellore.
  • Ulava Charu: A lentil soup made with horse gram (ulavalu), spices, and vegetables. It is a healthy and nutritious dish that is commonly eaten in the region.
  • Saravana Bhavan: This restaurant serves authentic South Indian vegetarian food like dosas, idlis, vadas, sambar rice etc.
  • Krishnaiah Mess: Famous for its biryani which is cooked on wood fire oven using traditional methods.
  • Sri Venkateswara Bhojanalaya: Known for its Andhra style thali meals.
  • Sri Lakshmi Vilas: Serves delicious Andhra style non-vegetarian dishes like mutton fry, chicken fry etc.
  • Bharathi Tiffin Centre: Famous for its crispy dosas, idlis, vadas etc.
  • Raju Gari Pulao: Known for its spicy mutton pulao.
  • Prahaladha’s Kitchen: Serves vegetarian dishes including North Indian and Chinese cuisines.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Mypadu Beach
    2. Jonnawada Hills
    3. Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary
    4. Venkatagiri Fort
    5. Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary
    6. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple
    7. Krishnapatnam Port
    8. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary
    9. Nellore Tank Grounds Park
    10. Nellore Mini Zoo


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