Ödemiş, Turkey

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Ödemiş, Turkey

Region: İzmir

Geographic Coordinates: 38.231100, 27.971900
Temperature Range: 10.0°C to 30.0°C (50°F to 86°F)
Climate: Ödemiş has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The average temperature ranges from 8°C in January to 28°C in July. The region experiences most of its rainfall during the winter months between November and March.
Population: 132511
Language: Turkish

Ödemiş is a quaint town located in the Izmir province of Turkey. Nestled at the base of the Bozdağ Mountains and surrounded by verdant greenery, It’s a picturesque location that draws visitors from all over. The town has a rich history dating back to ancient times. Its streets are peppered with historical sites and landmarks that offer insight into its past. One such attraction is Notion, An ancient city that was once a bustling center for trade and commerce during the Hellenistic period. Visitors can explore its ruins, Including a theater, Agora, Temple, And other structures.

Another notable site is Kursunlu Han Caravanserai – built in 1650 AD during Ottoman rule as a resting place for travelers on their way to Istanbul or Anatolia. Today it’s been restored and transformed into a cultural center where visitors can enjoy traditional Turkish music performances or attend art exhibitions. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate Birgi Canyon National Park – an idyllic destination boasting stunning views of waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffsides surrounded by lush vegetation.

Each June Ödemiş hosts an annual cherry festival when local farmers harvest their crops from nearby orchards drawing thousands of visitors who come to taste fresh cherries straight from the tree while enjoying live music performances and traditional dance shows. Aside from these attractions, Ödemiş offers tourists plenty more – charming streets lined with traditional houses made from stone or brick that give off an old-world vibe transporting you back in time.

Overall Ödemiş provides tourists with everything they could want – history, Culture, Nature, And delicious food making it a must-visit destination when traveling to the Izmir province of Turkey.

Important Landmarks

  1. Birgi Village: A historical village with well-preserved Ottoman architecture.
  2. Sardis Ancient City: An ancient city located near Salihli district, known for its rich history and archaeological ruins.
  3. Bayındır Dam Lake: A man-made lake located near Ödemiş district center, offering beautiful views and recreational activities such as fishing and boating.
  4. Çakırağa Mansion: A historic mansion built in the 19th century by a wealthy family of the region.
  5. Ödemiş Market: A local market where visitors can find fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local products.
  6. Yamanlar Mountain National Park: Located about 50 km away from Ödemiş district center, this national park offers hiking trails and beautiful natural scenery for outdoor enthusiasts.
  7. Gölcük Nature Park: Another natural attraction located near Ödemiş district center with picnic areas and walking trails around a small lake surrounded by pine trees.

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture: Ödemiş is recognized for its fertile soil which allows the production of various crops such as cotton, tobacco, wheat, and olives.
  2. Textile manufacturing: Several textile factories are present in Ödemiş that manufacture clothing and other textile products.
  3. Food processing: The district has numerous food processing plants that specialize in canning fruits and vegetables.
  4. Construction: Due to the increasing demand for housing and commercial buildings, Ödemiş has seen growth in its construction industry.
  5. Tourism: The district houses several historical sites like Birgi Cakiraga Mansion which attracts tourists from all over Turkey.
  6. Small businesses: There are many small businesses operating in Ödemiş catering to both locals and visitors offering services like retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and hotels alike.

Noteable History

  1. The city was founded by the ancient Greek civilization in the 7th century BC.
  2. During World War I, Ödemiş was occupied by Greek forces as part of their campaign to expand their territory into Anatolia.
  3. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first president of modern Turkey, visited Ödemiş several times during his political career.
  4. The city has produced several prominent figures in Turkish literature, including Nazım Hikmet Ran and Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca.
  5. In 1966, a massive earthquake struck Ödemiş and caused significant damage to many buildings in the city.
  6. Ödemiş is known for its agricultural products, particularly its high-quality figs and olives that are exported all over the world.
  7. The annual Kuzuçayırı Festival held in August celebrates local culture with traditional music performances, dance shows, food stalls, and other cultural activities.
  8. The famous Turkish singer Zeki Müren was born in nearby Bursa but spent much of his childhood in Ödemiş before becoming one of Turkey’s most beloved entertainers.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Ödemiş Archaeological Museum
  2. Ödemiş Clock Tower
  3. Aydin Museum of Ethnography
  4. Birgi Cakiraga Mansion and Ethnography Museum
  5. Kemeralti Bazaar in Izmir (located near Ödemiş)
  6. Kadifekale Castle in Izmir (located near Ödemiş)
  7. Konak Square in Izmir (located near Ödemiş)
  8. Agora Open Air Museum in Izmir (located near Ödemiş)

Cultural Events

  1. Ödemiş Kuzu Festivali (Ödemiş Lamb Festival) is an annual event held in May to celebrate the local lamb meat, which is highly regarded in the region.
  2. Ödemiş Kiraz Festivali (Ödemiş Cherry Festival) takes place every June and celebrates the cherry harvest season with music, dance, and various cherry-themed activities.
  3. Ödemiş Tarım Fuarı (Ödemiş Agriculture Fair) is an annual fair that occurs every September and showcases the latest agricultural technologies, products, and services from local businesses.
  4. Ödemiş Kültür ve Sanat Günleri (Ödemiş Culture and Art Days) happens in October each year with a diverse range of cultural performances such as music, dance, theater, art exhibitions, poetry readings etc.
  5. Ödemiş Halk Dansları Şenliği (Ödemiş Folk Dance Festival) brings together folk dance groups from across Turkey to perform traditional dances on stage during August or September annually.
  6. Çakırağa Şenliği (Çakırağa Festival) is celebrated on July 20th every year to honor the memory of Çakırağa İbrahim Bey who fought against Ottoman rule during the 19th century.
  7. Ayvacık Zeytin ve Zeytinyağı Şenliği (Ayvacik Olive Oil Festival)- This November festival promotes olive oil production as well as other local products like cheese or honey etc., making it an exciting event for food lovers!


  • Ödemiş Kebabı: A traditional dish made with lamb meat and served with rice or bread.
  • Gözleme: A savory pastry made with thin dough and filled with spinach, cheese, or meat.
  • Pide: A type of flatbread topped with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, and vegetables.
  • Ayran: A refreshing yogurt-based drink that is often served alongside meals.

Some popular restaurants in Ödemiş include:

  • Tarihi Taşhan Restaurant: This restaurant is located inside a historic building and serves traditional Turkish dishes such as kebabs and meze.
  • Sultan Sofrası Restaurant: This restaurant offers a range of Turkish dishes including grilled meats and seafood.
  • Gaziantepli Hasan Usta Kebap Salonu: Known for their delicious kebabs, this restaurant also serves salads and meze dishes.
  • Şahin Pastanesi & Cafe: This café serves a variety of pastries, desserts, and coffee drinks for those looking for something sweet to eat or drink.

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Ödemiş Kent Parkı: Located in the city center, this park offers walking paths, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a small lake.
    2. Gölcük Tabiat Parkı: This nature park is situated 10 km from Ödemiş and features hiking trails, camping areas, and a natural lake for swimming.
    3. Kestanepınarı Mesire Alanı: A recreational area located 5 km from Ödemiş that provides picnic areas, barbecue facilities, walking paths, and a small waterfall.
    4. Sancaklı Kanyon: This canyon is located 15 km from Ödemiş and offers hiking trails with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
    5. Rafting on the Büyük Menderes River: The Büyük Menderes River flows through Ödemiş and provides opportunities for rafting tours with local companies.
    6. Cycling tours: There are multiple cycling routes around Ödemiş that offer scenic views of the countryside.
    7. Horseback riding tours: Local companies provide horseback riding tours through the hills around Ödemiş.
    8. Paragliding: Nearby towns like Kuşadası (70 km away) or Çeşme (80 km away) offer paragliding opportunities.


    Adventure Awaits!

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