Rangapukur, Bangladesh

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Rangapukur, Bangladesh

Region: Rangapukur is located in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh

Geographic Coordinates: 25.560000, 89.250000
Temperature Range: 18.0°C to 35.0°C (64°F to 95°F)
Climate: Seasonal.
Population: 1031388
Language: Bengali

Rangapukur is a small village located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh, Situated in the district of Khulna. The village is known for its fertile land and abundance of natural resources with a population of approximately 5, 000 people. It’s primarily an agricultural community with villagers engaged in farming and fishing. The fertile land allows them to grow various crops such as rice, Wheat, Jute, Sugarcane, Etc. Fishing is also an essential source of income for many villagers who live near the rivers and canals that crisscross this area.

One notable feature of Rangapukur is its beautiful landscape sitting on the banks of a river that provides breathtaking views throughout the year. During monsoon season when the river swells up with water from surrounding areas it creates a stunning vista where one can see lush greenery all around. Rangapukur has several schools and colleges that provide education to children from nearby villages as well. There are also several health centers set up by NGOs that provide basic healthcare services to villagers who cannot afford private medical facilities.

However, Rangapukur faces challenges due to climate change and deforestation in neighboring areas causing frequent floods during monsoon season causing damage to crops and homes alike. Lack of access to clean drinking water remains another problem faced by locals here. Despite these challenges, Life goes on at its own pace here amidst nature’s bounty with people living their lives happily while working hard every day towards making their future better than today’s reality!

Primary Industries

  1. Rangapukur is a small rural area situated in the northeastern part of Bangladesh.
  2. The primary economic activities in this region are agriculture and fishing.
  3. Rice cultivation is the main crop grown here.
  4. Jute, sugarcane, vegetables, and fruits are also cultivated.
  5. Fishing is another significant source of income for many people living in this area.
  6. There may be some small-scale businesses such as grocery stores and local markets serving the needs of the community besides these primary industries.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Tajhat Palace Museum – a historic palace turned museum showcasing the lifestyle and culture of the region’s ruling class.
  2. Rangpur Zoo – a large zoo featuring various animals and birds from around the world.
  3. Carmichael College – one of the oldest educational institutions in Bangladesh with beautiful architecture and gardens.
  4. Begum Rokeya Memorial Center – a museum dedicated to Begum Rokeya, an iconic feminist writer and social activist from the region.
  5. Zila Parishad Building – a colonial-era building with impressive architecture that serves as the local administrative center.
  6. Boro Kuthi – an ancient mansion built during British rule that now serves as a cultural center showcasing traditional arts and crafts of Rangpur.
  7. Chikli Mosque – a beautiful mosque built during Mughal rule with intricate designs and carvings on its walls and pillars.
  8. Tista Barrage Irrigation Project- A dam on Tista river which is also one of the largest irrigation projects in Bangladesh.
  9. Ramsagar National Park- A national park located near Dinajpur which has Ramsagar lake at its centre.
  10. Birampur Buddhist Monastery- An ancient Buddhist monastery located at Birampur Upazila which dates back to 11th century AD.

Cultural Events

  1. Eid-ul-Fitr: This is a major Muslim festival that takes place at the end of Ramadan.
  2. Durga Puja: This Hindu festival commemorates the triumph of good over evil and is characterized by lively parades and feasting.
  3. Pohela Boishakh: The Bengali New Year is celebrated with great enthusiasm all across Bangladesh with cultural programs, food fairs, and parades.
  4. Bishwa Ijtema: This annual Islamic congregation draws millions of devotees from around the world to Tongi near Dhaka.
  5. Victory Day: December 16th marks the day when Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan in 1971 and is celebrated with parades and fireworks displays.
  6. Language Martyrs’ Day: February 21st honors those who gave their lives during the Bengali Language Movement in 1952 when students protested for recognition of their language as an official language alongside Urdu which led to several deaths; it’s a day to remember those who made sacrifices for this cause.
  7. Nabanna Utsav/Harvest Festival (Poush Sankranti): Celebrated on January 14th every year marking the end of winter harvest season with traditional foods like pitha (rice cakes), sweets made from jaggery or molasses such as naru or patali gur, etc., along with various cultural programs including dance performances showcasing rural life during this time period.


  • Pitha Ghor: This restaurant is renowned for its traditional Bangladeshi sweet and savory pithas (rice cakes) made from rice flour, jaggery, coconut milk, and other ingredients.
  • Bismillah Hotel: A popular restaurant that serves mouth-watering biryani (spicy rice dish), kebabs (grilled meat), curries, and other Bangladeshi delicacies.
  • Nirob Hotel & Restaurant: This restaurant offers a variety of local dishes such as fish curry, dal (lentil soup), chutney (sauce made from fruits or vegetables), and more.
  • Shadhin Restaurant: Known for its delicious beef curry with paratha (flatbread) but also serves chicken curry, mutton biryani, kebabs at reasonable prices.
  • Chillox Cafe & Restaurant: A fusion of Bengali and Western cuisine such as burgers with Bengali spices or masala chai latte.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Rangpur City Park
  2. Begum Rokeya Memorial Park
  3. Shishu Park
  4. Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Park
  5. Cycling and walking trails along the Teesta River
  6. Boating at the nearby Tista Barrage
  7. Picnicking at local riverside areas
  8. Visiting nearby historical landmarks such as Tajhat Palace

It is recommended to check with local authorities or tourism offices for updated information on park availability and recreational activities in Rangapukur, Bangladesh as they may be subject to change over time due to COVID-19 restrictions or other factors affecting public health and safety concerns in the area.


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