Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

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Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Region: Middlesbrough is located in North Yorkshire

Geographic Coordinates: 54.576700, -1.235500
Temperature Range: -10.0°C to 30.0°C (14°F to 86°F)
Climate: Cold and wet in winter, mild and rainy in spring and autumn, and warm with occasional showers in summer.
Population: 140545
Language: English

Middlesbrough is a vibrant town located in the northeast of England, In the county of North Yorkshire. It sits on the south bank of the River Tees and is surrounded by beautiful countryside, Including the North York Moors National Park to the east. The town was founded in 1830 as a result of industrialisation and has since grown into a bustling centre for commerce and culture. Middlesbrough played an important role in Britain’s industrial revolution, With its ironworks producing much of the country’s steel during this time.

One of Middlesbrough’s most famous landmarks is its Transporter Bridge, Which spans across the River Tees and offers stunning views over both sides of town. Visitors can take a guided tour or even ride across on one of its gondolas for an unforgettable experience. Another popular attraction is Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium, Which hosts games throughout football season. The stadium has also hosted major events such as concerts and international matches. Middlesbrough boasts several museums that showcase its rich history, Including Dorman Museum which displays artefacts from prehistoric times to present day.

The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum celebrates one of Middlesbrough’s most famous sons – James Cook – who discovered Australia and New Zealand during his voyages around the world. For those looking for outdoor activities, There are plenty to choose from such as hiking or cycling through nearby nature reserves like Guisborough Forest or climbing Roseberry Topping – a distinctive hill that offers panoramic views over Teesside. Middlesbrough also has excellent shopping facilities with several large shopping centres such as Cleveland Centre and Hillstreet Shopping Centre offering high street brands alongside independent shops selling unique products made locally.

food lovers can indulge themselves with local delicacies such as parmo – breaded chicken topped with cheese sauce – or enjoy traditional fish ‘n’ chips at one of many seaside cafes along Saltburn-by-the-Sea, A nearby coastal town. Middlesbrough is a town full of character and history with plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Its industrial past has been transformed into a thriving cultural hub that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history, Sport or nature, Middlesbrough has it all.

Important Landmarks

  1. Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge
  2. Riverside Stadium
  3. Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
  4. Teesaurus Park
  5. Dorman Museum
  6. Albert Park
  7. Tees Barrage International White Water Centre
  8. Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA)
  9. Teesside University Campus Heart Building
  10. Stewart Park

Primary Industries

  1. Chemicals: Sabic UK Petrochemicals and Huntsman Corporation are among the chemical companies based in Middlesbrough.
  2. Digital & Creative: Animmersion UK Ltd is one of many digital and creative firms that have flourished in Middlesbrough.
  3. Engineering: Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd is a thriving engineering company located in Middlesbrough.
  4. Healthcare: James Cook University Hospital is just one of several healthcare facilities situated within Middlesbrough.
  5. Logistics & Distribution: AV Dawson Ltd is an important logistics and distribution company located on River Tees due to its strategic location.
  6. Retail & Leisure: Hillstreet Shopping Centre and Captain Cook Square Shopping Centre are two shopping centers found within the city center of Middlesbrough.
  7. Education & Research: Teesside University, which offers many opportunities for education-related businesses such as research labs or tutoring services, is based in Middlesbrough.
  8. Manufacturing – British Steel Special Profiles or Nifco UK Limited are examples of large factories producing products from chemicals to steel components with a long history steeped in manufacturing.
  9. Construction – Many projects throughout the area like Esh Group Building Contractors or Gus Robinson Developments Ltd make construction an important industry.
  10. Finance – Support services to businesses across all sectors listed above can be provided by financial firms operating out offices around town such as Barclays Bank or Santander Bank.

Noteable History

  1. The town of Middlesbrough was founded in 1830 by Joseph Pease and his associates.
  2. The iron and steel industries led to the growth of Middlesbrough in the late 19th century, with Dorman Long being established and building iconic structures such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  3. The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge opened in 1911 and is one of only two such bridges still operating in England.
  4. During World War II, Middlesbrough played a major role as an industrial center producing munitions and war materials.
  5. Notable people associated with Middlesbrough include Captain James Cook, footballer Brian Clough, and author Wilfred Gibson.
  6. In 1862, Henry Bolckow (the first mayor of Middlesbrough) was elected MP for Durham.
  7. John Vaughan (a partner at Bolckow Vaughan) was made Baron Swansea in 1875.
  8. Sir Hugh Bell (of Bell Brothers) became a prominent figure in politics during the early 1900s-30s, serving as MP for Cleveland from 1902 until his death in November 1931.
  9. During World War One, Dorman Long provided steelwork for many warships including HMS Dreadnought.
  10. During World War Two: Dorman Long produced steelwork for many aircraft carriers including HMS Illustrious.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA)
  2. Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
  3. Dorman Museum
  4. Tees Transporter Bridge
  5. Riverside Stadium (Home of Middlesbrough FC)
  6. Temenos sculpture by Anish Kapoor
  7. Albert Park
  8. Stewart Park and Captain Cook’s Monument
  9. The Cleveland Centre shopping mall
  10. The Mallinson Sports Centre and the Neptune Centre for swimming and water sports

Sports Teams

  1. Middlesbrough Football Club is the most well-known sports team in Middlesbrough. It was founded in 1876 and has played at the Riverside Stadium since 1995. The club has had a tumultuous history, with periods of success and struggle, but it has maintained a loyal fan base throughout.
  2. Middlesbrough Rugby Club: Founded in 1872, this rugby union club plays its home games at Acklam Park.
  3. Middlesbrough Cricket Club: This cricket team was founded in 1829 and plays its home games at Acklam Park.
  4. Teesside Steelers American Football Team: Established in 2014, this amateur American football team competes in the British American Football League.
  5. Middlesbrough Roller Derby: This roller derby league was established in 2013 and competes against other teams from around the UK.

Cultural Events

  1. Middlesbrough Mela is a celebration of South Asian culture featuring music, food, and dance.
  2. Orange Pip Market is a monthly street market that showcases local artists, food vendors, and live music.
  3. Middlesbrough Art Weekender is a weekend-long event that highlights contemporary art from both local and international artists.
  4. Tees Valley Pride is an annual LGBTQ+ parade and festival that celebrates diversity in the region.
  5. Stockton International Riverside Festival spans several days and features street theatre, circus acts, and live performances on the River Tees.
  6. The Middlesbrough Literature Festival lasts for one week and includes talks by authors, poetry readings, as well as workshops for aspiring writers.
  7. Greek Festival of the North East takes place annually to celebrate Greek culture with traditional music performances alongside authentic Greek cuisine stalls.
  8. Cleveland Show is an annual agricultural show held in July showcasing farming practices including livestock competitions along with family entertainment such as fairground rides etc..
  9. Tees Valley Jazz Fest happens every year across various venues in the Tees Valley area where some of the best jazz musicians from around the world perform their music to jazz lovers’ delight!
  10. Middlesbrough Music Live is a free outdoor festival held annually during May Bank Holiday weekend featuring established musicians along with up-and-coming talent from all over UK!


  • Parmo – a local delicacy consisting of breaded chicken or pork topped with béchamel sauce and cheese. Some popular places to try it are Central Park, Manjaros, and The Oven.
  • Fish and chips – a classic British dish that can be found at various fish and chip shops around the town.
  • Curry houses – Middlesbrough has a large South Asian community, so there are many excellent curry houses such as Al Forno, Akbars Indian Restaurant, and Spices Indian Restaurant.
  • Bakeries – Betty’s Bakery is known for its delicious cakes and pastries while Greggs is a popular chain bakery that offers savory pies, sandwiches, and pastries.
  • Pubs – Middlesbrough has many traditional pubs such as The Twisted Lip which serves real ale from local breweries along with tasty bar snacks like pork pies or scotch eggs.
  • Italian cuisine – There are several Italian restaurants in Middlesbrough including Fellini’s Ristorante & Bar which offers authentic Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients.
  • Turkish cuisine- For some traditional Turkish food head to Meze Lounge on Linthorpe Road where you can enjoy kebabs or mezze platters with friends over drinks from their extensive cocktail menu!

  • Parks and Recreation

    1. Albert Park is a beautiful Victorian park that offers visitors a serene environment to relax and unwind. The park boasts a stunning lake, bandstand, and play areas for children.
    2. Stewart Park is another popular destination for nature lovers, with its expansive woodland walks, animal park, and adventure playgrounds.
    3. Middlesbrough Sports Village is perfect for fitness enthusiasts with its Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym facilities and sports courts.
    4. Hemlington Lake & Recreation Centre offers outdoor activities such as fishing on the lake or canoeing and kayaking in the surrounding areas.
    5. Tees Barrage International White Water Centre provides an adrenaline-pumping experience with white water rafting adventures on the River Tees.
    6. Newham Grange Country Farm allows visitors to pet and feed farm animals while enjoying the rustic countryside atmosphere.
    7. Nature’s World is an eco-friendly attraction that showcases gardens, wildlife habitats, and interactive exhibits designed to educate visitors about environmental conservation efforts.
    8. Southlands Leisure Centre features an indoor pool area complete with slides that are sure to delight children of all ages.
    9. Pallister Park has an 18-hole golf course where golfers can enjoy a challenging game while surrounded by picturesque scenery.
    10. Teesaurus Park is a dinosaur-themed adventure playground designed specifically for children who love these prehistoric creatures!


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