Yakima, Washington

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Yakima, Washington


Geographic Coordinates: 46.592300, -120.550000
Temperature Range: -20.0°C to 40.0°C (-4°F to 104°F)
Climate: Dry summers, mild winters with occasional snowfall.
Population: 130440
Language: English

Yakima is a city in Washington state that’s situated in the Yakima Valley, A region known for its agricultural production of fruits and vegetables. The city has a population of around 93, 000 and covers an area of 27 square miles. One of the main draws to Yakima is its lively downtown area, Which boasts numerous shops, Eateries, Breweries and wine tasting rooms. The historic Capitol Theatre hosts performances by local theater groups as well as touring Broadway shows. Additionally, The Yakima Valley Museum showcases exhibits on local history and culture.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate nearby parks such as Cowiche Canyon Trailhead Park or Franklin Park where they can hike or enjoy picnics with friends and family. The Yakima River runs through the city providing opportunities for fishing or kayaking. The surrounding region is also home to over 120 vineyards producing some of Washington’s finest wines. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about wine making process while enjoying scenic views.

Another popular attraction near Yakima is Mount Rainier National Park which features hiking trails through forests filled with wildlife including elk and bears along with stunning views of glaciers on top of Mount Rainier itself. In addition to its natural beauty and cultural offerings, Yakima also hosts several annual events including the Central Washington State Fair held every September featuring carnival rides , Live music concerts , Livestock exhibitions , Food vendors , And more .

Overall, Yakima has something for everyone whether it be outdoor recreation activities, Historic sites, Cultural events, Wine tasting or just enjoying some delicious farm-to-table cuisine at one of its many restaurants .

Important Landmarks

  1. Yakima Valley Museum
  2. Capitol Theatre
  3. Yakima Greenway
  4. Cowiche Canyon Trail
  5. Yakima Sportsman State Park
  6. Yakama Nation Cultural Center
  7. Fort Simcoe State Park
  8. Central Washington Agricultural Museum
  9. Gilbert Cellars Winery and Tasting Room
  10. Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College

Primary Industries

  1. Agriculture
    • Produces fruits such as apples, cherries, and wine grapes
  2. Manufacturing
    • Produces food products, machinery, and equipment
  3. Healthcare
    • Facilities available to cater to the needs of the local community
  4. Retail
    • Large shopping centers like Valley Mall
    • Numerous small shops
  5. Education
    • Several colleges and universities provide higher education opportunities
  6. Tourism
    • Attractions such as wineries, museums, parks, and outdoor recreational activities
    • Attracts visitors from all over the world
  7. Transportation
    • Important transportation hub with highways connecting it to major cities in Washington State such as Seattle and Spokane
  8. Construction
    • Plays an important role in the economy of Yakima

Noteable History

  1. Treaty of Yakima: The treaty was signed in 1855 between the United States government and the Yakama Indian Nation, which established a reservation for the tribe in what is now known as Yakima County.
  2. Irrigation development: In the late 1800s and early 1900s, irrigation development transformed Yakima into an agricultural hub. The construction of dams, canals, and reservoirs allowed for extensive farming of fruits, vegetables, and hops.
  3. William O. Douglas: William O. Douglas was a Supreme Court Justice who was born in Yakima in 1898. He served on the court from 1939 to 1975 and authored several influential opinions on civil liberties.
  4. Japanese Internment Camp: During World War II, thousands of Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from their homes and placed in internment camps throughout the country, including one located near Toppenish just south of Yakima.
  5. Robert Aitken: Robert Aitken was an American Zen Buddhist teacher who founded Diamond Sangha in Hawaii but spent his later years living near Selah outside of Yakima.
  6. Mount St Helens eruption: The eruption of Mount St Helens on May 18th, 1980 caused significant damage to nearby areas including parts of eastern Washington state such as Yakima County which experienced ash fall from the explosion.
  7. Hispanic population growth: Over recent decades there has been a significant increase in Hispanic population growth within central Washington state with many calling it the Latino heartland. This has led to changes within politics as well as business practices throughout communities like those found around Yakima city proper or Sunnyside nearby town among others where Spanish is commonly spoken alongside English today.

Museums and Things To See

  1. Yakima Valley Museum
  2. Yakima Valley Trolleys
  3. Capitol Theatre
  4. Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College
  5. Central Washington Agricultural Museum
  6. Cowiche Canyon Trailhead and Nature Center
  7. Fort Simcoe State Park and Museum
  8. Allied Arts of Yakima Valley
  9. Gilbert Cellars Winery
  10. Yakama Nation Cultural Center

Sports Teams

  1. Yakima Sun Kings were a professional basketball team that played in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) from 1987 to 2008. They won four CBA championships during their history.
  2. Yakima Bears were a minor league baseball team that played in the Northwest League from 1990 to 2014. They won three league championships during their history.
  3. Yakima Mavericks are a semi-professional football team that plays in the Pacific Football League. They have won multiple league championships and have had several players go on to play professionally.
  4. Central Washington Wildcats are the athletic teams of Central Washington University located in Ellensburg, which is near Yakima. They compete at the NCAA Division II level and have won numerous conference championships and national titles in various sports.
  5. West Valley Rams are a high school football team located in Yakima that has won multiple state championships throughout their history.
  6. Eisenhower Cadets are another high school football team located in Yakima that has also won multiple state championships over the years.
  7. Davis Pirates are yet another high school football team located in Yakima with a strong tradition of success, including several state championship titles.

Cultural Events

  1. Central Washington State Fair
  2. Fresh Hop Ale Festival
  3. Yakima Folklife Festival
  4. Yakima Valley Carriage Company Christmas Light Tours
  5. Yakima Valley Apple Blossom Festival
  6. Downtown Summer Nights
  7. Latino Fest
  8. Sunnyside Cinco de Mayo Festival
  9. Yakima River Canyon Marathon and Half Marathon
  10. Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum Heritage Days


  1. Miner’s Drive-In: Famous for their burgers and fries.
  2. Cowiche Canyon Kitchen + Icehouse: Offers farm-to-table cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients.
  3. Los Hernandez Tamales: Known for their authentic Mexican tamales.
  4. Yakima Steak Company: A classic steakhouse offering premium cuts of beef.
  5. Russillo’s Pizza & Gelato: Serves traditional Italian-style pizza and homemade gelato.
  6. The Depot Restaurant: Offers Pacific Northwest cuisine in a historic train depot setting.
  7. Second Street Grill: Known for their seafood dishes, especially the crab cakes.
  8. Gasperetti’s Restaurant & Bar: A family-owned Italian restaurant that has been serving Yakima since the 1960s.
  9. Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar: Offers teppanyaki-style dining and sushi options.
  10. Essencia Artisan Bakery Cafe: A bakery cafe that serves fresh-baked bread, pastries, sandwiches, and coffee drinks made with locally roasted beans.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Franklin Park offers walking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.
  2. Yakima Greenway is a 10-mile paved trail along the Yakima River with parks and picnic areas.
  3. Kiwanis Park features a playground, basketball court, and open space for sports or picnics.
  4. Sarg Hubbard Park has a swimming pool, splash pad, skate park, and disc golf course.
  5. Chesterley Park offers tennis courts, baseball fields, soccer fields and playgrounds.
  6. Yakima Sportsman State Park provides fishing opportunities on the Yakima River as well as camping sites.
  7. Lions Pool Aquatic Center is an indoor pool facility that offers lap swim times as well as water aerobics classes.
  8. Cowiche Canyon Trail is a hiking trail that takes you through beautiful scenery including waterfalls.


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